Can Direct Mail Marketing Really Be Effective For Doctors?

Tuesday, June 04, 2024

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Can Direct Mail Marketing Really Be Effective For Doctors?

Direct Mail Marketing is not used widely by healthcare providers, but it should be.

Direct mail involves a number of marketing mailing options including brochures, postcards, print newsletters, sales letters, small packages, logo imprinted swag, etc.

Direct Mail Marketing is a very effective means of connecting with potential patients in a memorable and personal way.

Here are some statistics about direct mail that you should know:

1. The open rates for direct mail approach 90%. (20 - 30% for email)

2. 70% of consumers say direct mail is more personal than digital options.

3. 77% of consumers sort through their physical mail as soon as they receive it.

4. 75% of millennials say receiving direct mail makes them feel special.

Most people today say they are often overwhelmed by the volume of digital online mail or ads they receive.

Since most marketers have migrated away from direct mail to digital online options, direct mail is a great way to distinguish yourself and your practice from your competitors.

The following features make Direct Mail Marketing a very attractive option for doctors:

1. Very few doctors are using it, so it’s easier to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

2. You can target your desired patients. You can obtain mailing lists of ideal patients in your catchment area and preferentially send your customized message to them.

3. It is highly trackable. Therefore, you can follow the results of your marketing efforts, and thus your marketing dollars. If the campaign is profitable, continue it. If not, tweak it, or cancel it. The point is you can actually have data to know how your marketing is performing. Then, you can make data driven decisions.

4. Ability to personalize your mailing. When you obtain a mailing list, then you can send the mail personalized with a greeting using the potential patient’s actual name and not just addressed with the generic “resident” greeting. When your message is personalized, it means more to the recipient. It implies you care to go the extra mile to reach them. When their mail has their name on it, it is just more special. It creates an emotional connection.

5. It is a tangible form of communication. Potential patients can touch, feel, and experience what you send them. The tangible nature of it has been shown to produce a sense of trust in the recipient. Direct Mail involves a personal touch.

6. It can easily be integrated with your digital marketing efforts. Generally, potential patients need multiple “touch points” with your practice before making an appointment. These touch points may be an ad of yours they see in some publication, an online social media post, a recommendation of you from a friend, a billboard advertising your practice, etc. The more touch points about you they receive, the higher the likelihood of making an appointment with you. Direct Mail is just one more way to add another touch point.

Direct Mail Marketing takes extra work.

That’s why so few doctors use it.

And that’s exactly why you should!!

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Ben Holt, M.D.

CEO , Healthcare Provider Marketing

Dr. Holt is the CEO of Healthcare Provider Marketing.  He is passionate about both healthcare and marketing.  His goal is to help healthcare providers maximize their revenue through new marketing and business strategies.