Get To Know Healthcare Provider Marketing

Healthcare Provider Marketing is a physician owned, physician run business. Our CEO, Dr. Ben Holt, had a very successful career as a private practice Orthopaedic Surgeon. He retired from his practice in 2022 to pursue healthcare marketing full-time.  During his years of practice, he maintained a passion for improving the patient's experience as well as for marketing. 

Businesses cannot exist without customers. Similarly, healthcare providers cannot exist without patients.

The goal of Healthcare Provider Marketing is to implement a proven Attraction Marketing System, customized for each specific provider, which will create a consistent flow of ideal patients and which will maintain existing patients as loyal, raving fans who continue to refer patients to you.

The outcome for the provider is greater practice growth, increased revenue, greater enjoyment in the practice, peace of mind, and more time for family and hobbies.

We understand your needs as a healthcare provider. We speak and understand the language of healthcare as well as the regulations of healthcare, such as HIPPA requirements. We understand the business of running a practice. We understand the importance of relationships you maintain with ASC's, hospitals, insurance companies, and government payers.   

Combining our experience in healthcare with our expertise in marketing, you will find it much easier to relate to us and our marketing strategies.

Why should patients see you as opposed to your competitors? We help you create your unique marketing message.  This message will provide the rationale your potential patients need to convince them to see you and to remain with you.  We then distribute your unique message to your potential dream patients via the media they consume.

Healthcare Provider Marketing